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Microsoft Office Setup

Would you like to explore the 2019 variant of Microsoft Office Setup work area applications? is that true that you don’t have any idea that how to explore the Microsoft Office Deployment device?

Is it true that you are feeling goal-oriented? at this point will guide you .

We have spread out exact strides for individuals who are inexperienced with utilizing Windows Command Prompt. We’ve even dealt with the coding for you! So anybody, whatever their degree of tech capability, can follow the means in this manual for Microsoft office download and introduce the product.

It would be ideal if you Note: Software Assurance permits you to introduce the past adaptation of Microsoft Office Setup Office rather than the most current one. In the event that you don’t wish to follow the means in this guide and would incline toward a simpler establishment, you can introduce the Microsoft Office Setup 365 adaptation of your Microsoft programming by following our Office 365 establishment direct.

Utilize this manual for assist you with introducing 2019 Microsoft Office Setup Desktop Apps for Windows, for example,

  • Access 2019
  • Office Standard 2019
  • Office Professional Plus 2019
  • Task Standard 2019
  • Task Professional 2019
  • Visio Standard 2019
  • Visio Professional 2019

Here are the things you need before you begin:

  • a web association,
  • to be running Windows 10,
  • head account secret phrase for your PC (Ideally, you ought to be signed into a manager represent your establishment),
  • permit actuation key or your association’s VLSC account qualifications with the goal that you can get your initiation key.
  • If you have not yet made a VLSC account, it would be ideal if you see our How to set up a VLSC account direct. For more assistance, see Step 5.


  • Set up your PC
  • Download and introduce the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool
  • Then Download your arrangement document
  • Download and introduce your Microsoft application through the Windows Command Prompt
  • Get your enactment key from the VLSC
  • Enact your product

Pin your applications (discretionary)

Stage 1: Prepare your PC

A) Uninstall any past adaptations of the Microsoft Software you’re introducing.

Note: The establishment won’t work if the Microsoft office setup App is as of now introduced, paying little heed to the variant.

B) IMPORTANT! Watch that your PC didn’t come pre-introduced with Office 365.

Numerous new PCs come pre-introduced with Office 365. To check:

1. Snap on the Start menu. Type “Applications and includes” and select the match with a similar name. (Note: You can’t get to the necessary page through the Control Panel).

2. Search the Apps and highlights list for “Microsoft Office

3. In the event that the outcomes list “Microsoft Office Setup Desktop Apps” or “Microsoft Office 365” click on the thing, and afterward click “Uninstall”. Else, you can continue to Step 2.

Stage 2: install and connect with the Office Deployment Tool

A) Create another organizer on your Desktop. Name it “ODT”.

B) Download the Office arrangement instrument (ODT).

Visit the Microsoft Download Center and snap on the Download button.

C) Install the ODT.

Open the document to introduce it. You will be provoked to acknowledge Microsoft’s office setup Software License Terms.

Note: If you are not signed into an executive record, you will be provoked for a head’s secret phrase.

D) Store the extricated records in the correct envelope.

You will be incited to choose an envelope to store the separated records. Ensure your username is demonstrated in the exchange box.

Store extricated documents from the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool in the new “ODT” envelope in your Desktop. This is the organizer we made in Step 2 Part A.

Stage 3: Download your arrangement document

[ + ] Click to get familiar with XML documents

[ ‒ ] Close

A) Select the privilege XML document for your product.

The XML documents are accessible beneath segment B. Snap on the name of the product you need to introduce to get to the form and language you need.

Tip: Are you uncertain if your PC is 64 piece or 32 piece? You can feel free to download the 32 piece rendition. In the event that you are introducing different Microsoft office 2019 items, ensure you introduce a similar form for all items.

B) Download the XML record.

At the point when you click on a connection under the item titles beneath, you will be taken to a document facilitated in box. Download the record by tapping on Download close to the upper right corner of the Window.

C) Move the XML record to the “ODT” Folder.

Move the XML record from your Downloads organizer to your new “ODT” Folder in your Desktop. This is the organizer we made in Step 2 Part A.

On the off chance that you opened your ODT organizer, it should like the picture underneath:

Significant! Your record name should either be showing as “configuration.xml” or “setup”. Varieties in the record name will cause issues in Step 4C.

Stage 4: Download and introduce your application through the ‘Windows Command Prompt’ application

[ + ] Click to get familiar with Windows Command Prompt

[ ‒ ] Close

An) Open Windows Command Prompt.

Open Windows Command Prompt by tapping on the Start catch and composing cmd. Open the application.

The order brief will show your form of Windows and copyright data in the initial 2 lines.

The following line will show you your present working registry, it should state something like “C:\Users\username”. This is called your home catalog.

B) Change your present registry to the ODT envelope on your work area.

[ + ] Click to get familiar with the compact disc order

[ ‒ ] Close

  1. Duplicate the order underneath:
  2. disc Desktop\ODT
  3. Glue this order by right-clicking in the order brief
  4. Hit Enter on your console to execute the order. This should change your present working registry to the ODT organizer in your Desktop.

C) Download your Microsoft 2019 Apps.

Reorder the order beneath:

arrangement/download configuration.xml

Hit Enter .

This order can take around 10 minutes to complete the process of running. It will appear like nothing is occurring, yet documents are being downloaded to your ODT envelope.

There is another line beginning with C:\Users\username where you didn’t enter an order.

D) Install your Microsoft 2019 Apps.

When the past order has completed the process of running you should reorder, the order underneath:

arrangement/design configuration.xml

Hit Enter.

You will be incited to permit Microsoft to make changes to your gadget.

When you concur, a presentation window will show up, demonstrating the advancement of your establishment.

At the point when the establishment is finished, the presentation will vanish. You would then be able to close the order brief.

Stage 5: Get your initiation key from the VLSC

In this progression, you will sign onto the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to recover your initiation key.

A) Login to the VLSC.

Go to the Volume Licensing Service Center and sign in with the email recorded on your TechSoup Account for Software Delivery.

B) Retrieve your establishment key.

1. Go to the Downloads and Keys tab. Discover the Microsoft 2019 application you are introducing in your rundown of items.

2. Snap on the Key tab adjacent to the item you need to introduce. Duplicate the MAK key in the base table.

The picture underneath shows the good and bad keys. Your latest key is the one with the greatest permit ID number.

Stage 6: Activate your product

A)Open an Microsoft Office application.

When you have duplicated the right key, open one of your new Microsoft applications. We opened Microsoft Excel.

B)Enter the Activation Key.

1. Open a clear archive.

2. Go to File > Account > Change Product Key and glue your initiation Key. Enact your product.

Stage 7: Pin your applications (discretionary)

Microsoft 2019 applications won’t make easy routes for your work area.

To make them simple to get to, click on your Start Menu, and go down your rundown of projects to find the Microsoft Office Apps.

At the point when you go over the ones you wish to stick, right snap on the application, and afterward click Pin to Start.

The projects to stick for Microsoft Office Standard 2019 are:

Exceed expectations

  • One Note 365
  • Viewpoint
  • PowerPoint
  • Distributer
  • Word

The projects to stick for Office Pro Plus 2019 are:

  • Access
  • Exceed expectations
  • OneNote 365
  • Viewpoint
  • PowerPoint
  • Distributer
  • Word

Introducing office 2019 issue

Put together by shca_saskatoon on Thu, 2020-01-09 00:47.

Hello there! Thinking about whether you could please support me. Stage 4 C) I ran the order as demonstrated and really let it run for a few hours. Notwithstanding, the order doesn’t give me the new line beginning with C:\Users\username. It would seem that it is as yet running.

I checked the ODT envelope and it has the Microsoft Office organizer (with Data subfolder) in it. I am associated with the web – don’t perceive any issues there. Since I have the Microsoft Office organizer in the ODT envelope, I attempted to run another order brief utilizing the following stage 4 D) order yet it accompanies a mistake and won’t run it Any proposals on the best way to fix this? Much appreciated so much Pat

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Did you explore to the correct organizer first?

Presented by Maryam Sahebol-Amri on Thu, 2020-01-16 13:16.

Hey Pat!

Before you can run Step 4 D) from another order brief, you have to explore to the ODT organizer again client the disc Desktop/ODT order portrayed in Step 4 B).

Have a go at doing Step 4 B) at that point Step 4 D) in a similar order brief window and check whether that works. On the off chance that you keep on encountering challenges, it might be ideal to send us a screen capture of your issue by email to customer service[at]

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Microsoft Office 2019 establishment

I was introducing Microsoft Office Setup 2019 adhering to the directions gave. During the execution of step 4C (downloading the Microsoft App) I sat tight for longer than an hour for this procedure to download the application it despite everything wasn’t finished.

So I left the PC running for the time being and returned home. In the first part of the day the PC was off. The Microsoft Office organizer was find in the ODT envelope so I continued to step 4D. I got the brief to permit Microsoft to make changes. Now the establishment procedure solidified and the introducing Microsoft Office screen never vanished.

To make a long story shorter, I needed to download the Microsoft office APP into another organizer OD

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